Modern and Traditional Greek Dance Music


To book the legendary Takis Dotis and his Mad Greeks, please contact Elias at (206) 355-8572.


The legendary Takis Dotis (pictured far right), composer and recording artist, first appeared with Greek classical composers Vassilis Tsitsanis (far left) and Yiannis Papaioanou (third from left).


Taki learned the Bouzouki, Baglama, and Tzoura from the great Rembetis. He was the first from his generation chosen to perform with the legendary Rembetis at the historical nightclub, Harama, before coming to America.


Click the Bouzouki up in the corner to listen to a sampling of songs from Taki's two CDs while you browse the site. Please contact us if you would like more information or to book Takis and his Mad Greeks for your next special event!



(L-R) Taki, Yiannis, Thanasis, and Elias


Taki playing the Bouzouki in front of a drawing of Vassili Tsitsani, Taki's mentor, teacher, and collegue.

See us live!

Experience Takis Dotis and his Mad Greeks live, every Saturday at his restuarant, Taki's Mad Greek, in Seattle, WA. You will also be entertained by the best belly dancers in North America while you dine. Music starts at 7:00pm. Reservations highly recommended.



In Greece, the Bouzouki or an instrument very similar to it, was played long before Rembetika was developed. In the National Historical Museam of Greece you can see Bouzouki owned by the hero of the War of Independence, General Makriyianni.


Demetrios ‘Takis’ Dotis is one of the true masters of this instrument. To play the Bouzouki is hard enough in its own right, but to truly understand it, and create its voice, is the work of a rare talent.


Dotis was born in Florina, Greece and developed his passion for music by the age of fourteen while working as a bus boy at the many different nightclubs of Thessaloniki. By twenty-one he had mastered the instrument he loved and historically is known as the first professional Bouzouki musician from Florina.







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